Today Recipes | Best Low Calorie Flapjack Recipe – Flapjack is hands down probably the most popular tray bakes in British Food. Could possibly be as they are so simple to produce and nutritious too. There are various, many styles of flapjack with any kind of mix off nuts, seeds, fruit and oatmeal bound in addition to Golden Syrup and a little bit butter.

Why Flapjack are so great:

  • Super quick to get ready lots of people
  • No sugar, syrup or butter.
  • Ripe bananas and raisins add the sweetness.
  • If you’re the requirement for additional sweetness, you may some honey, but the truth is really do not need too much.
  • Oats provide soluble fiber to help you stay feeling full up, reduce cholesterol, maintain the gi tract healthy and sugar levels steady.
  • Berries/Raisins are coca-block stuffed with antioxidants and fabulous phytochemicals
  • Seeds/peanut butter is stuffed with protein and healthy fats.

Did you know that the chunkier the oat the slower it is digested and will keep you full up for longer?

Healthy flapjacks are a good snack if like with this recipe you remove many of the sugar and change it with body-friendly ingredients. If you resist a sweet treat, turn your mid-afternoon snack right nutritional powerhouse by stripping out the unhealthy stuff, and adding in certain antioxidant heroes. This healthy flapjack recipe is the perfect combo of refined sugar-free ingredients and heart healthy nuts and seeds. Enjoy!

Best Low Calorie Flapjack Recipe

Best Low Calorie Flapjack Recipe


Preparation time            Cook time

5 Minutes                         15 Minutes


Best Low Calorie Flapjack Recipe ING


Best Low Calorie Flapjack Recipe DIR

This healthy flapjack recipe makes a quite crumbly snack so eat on the plate or with napkin to hand!

Some Suggested Combinations for Flapjack:

  • Mix dried apples, pears and apricots (cut into small pieces) while using dried cranberries (making 235 ml altogether).
  • Marmalade can be another lovely addition while using bitter orange flavor, it can do however, read more sugar.
  • Mix 235 ml desiccated coconut into flax, sesame, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (700 ml in total)
  • If you would like extra fiber, replace a lot of the seeds with a little wheat germ.

And that’s all for today’s recipe about Best Low Calorie Flapjack Recipe, please leave some comment and let us know if you already make it at home.

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