Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies with Brown Sugar Recipe | This really is quite possibly the most requested, best loved appetizer within my parties! Whether it be Christmas or tailgating, these Brown Sugar Bacon Lil Smokies will certainly be a hit and usually the first ones to go. I have been driving them to for many years and in actual fact got the initial recipe out of the holiday appetizer magazine but I’ve made some changes. I’ll also offer you my how-to’s that I’ve learned on the years.

If you are hanging out to a party to celebrate New Years or you’re ringing inside New Year at home good meals are necessary. There are many recipes for Bacon wrapped brown sugar smokies available and even for good reason. I still haven’t meet anybody who didn’t absolutely LOVE them. It’s bacon, brown sugar, and little smokies. What’s not person to love? I dream of those all through the year but I strive to save lots of them for New Years because they aren’t exactly health food. Thankfully New Years Eve is NOT about health food.

Easy Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies with Brown Sugar Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies with Brown Sugar Recipe

On Christmas Eve, we hosted an appetizer party. Everyone knew there has to be prize for any favorite recipe, so our kids all brought their A-game. The winner with this fun evening was…my grandparents’Bacon Wrapped Smokies. These were so great that citizens were fighting over the past ones inside pan, citizens were searching their kids’plates for leftovers…we were looking at a hot commodity and a clear winner.
When I made them yesterday to share with you guys, I had created revealed that a vegetarian day (I try to achieve that a couple of days a week). Well, the moment these babies were outside the oven, I took one look at them and thought, well, tomorrow might be a vegetarian day as I proceeded to nibble on six.


I’m letting you know friends, they’re unbelievably good! It is possible to serve them as being an appetizer, alongside a brunch, as being a snack, a lunch…just make them.

My grandparents provided me with their recipe and I tweaked it merely a little. They used a dry BBQ sauce but I really like to use ingredients I most often have in our kitchen, so I used a bottled BBQ sauce. I’m telling you…so.freaking.good.


  • 1 16 oz package Little Smokies
  • 1 lb bacon
  • 1 cup brown sugar


Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies with Brown Sugar Recipe Instructions

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